Take a minute to imagine what your Green Home would be like;

It's summer outside, a warm day at 95 degrees but inside it's 70 degrees with no air conditioning. The temperature inside never changes more than three or four degrees no matter what its like outside. The air is cool and its so quiet you can hear the hard drive of your Tivo running or the quietest track of your favorite concerto. The floors cool the bottom of you bare feet as you move throughout the house - all slate, tile, stone or hardwood, with just a few throw rugs. There are no stairs and only a few doors, opening up the inside of the house, with nothing to separate you from your family or friends. Up on the roof is your private retreat, a garden with your favorite collection of sedums that don't mind if you forget to water them, a few rows of greens for a fresh salad tonight and possibly a lounge chair with an umbrella to protect you from the sun while you enjoy relaxing with your current reading project. Summer is made for enjoyment and relaxation, and this house is designed to help make it happen.

Now it's winter outside, 43 degrees, you haven't stoked the wood stove yet, nor turned on the radiant floor heating system and its a comfortable 68 degrees inside. Once it starts to get really cold outside you can turn on the radiant floor heating system, set it at 65 and with a warm sweater, it's just like summer inside. The air is quiet and warm, no blowers or noise, the floors radiate a comforting warmth and the temperature never varies more than two or three degrees. You have moved your lounge chair from the roof to the atrium, surrounded by the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and the garage. Now your private retreat is a tropical garden protected from the cold winds outside, spacious enough for a 15 foot fig tree. If you were to look at your little winter oasis from an airplane it would look like the rest of the rural countryside, the roof and yard blending together, only the garage roof would be visible. The objective of winter is to stay warm, dry and comfortable, as economically as possible while making as little impact on the environment as possible. This house makes it happen.

If all this sound appealing to you, this web site had been designed to help you get there. You can do it, I know you can!

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